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CedarCreek Estate Winery


M E M B E R S H I P   B E N E F I T S


c u s t o m i z e   t h e   w i n e s

All shipments are a mix of red and white wines. Not happy with the selection we've picked? Every shipment is completely customizable to your preference.

b e   t r e a t e d   l i k e   f a m i l y

Receive an annual private Platinum tour and tasting for you and five guests. Advance booking is required.
You also get unlimited complimentary tastings for you and 2 guests when you visit our wine shop.

m e m b e r s - o n l y  
i n v i t e s

Get invites to our members- only events at the winery or in major Canadian cities.
Picking up your shipment from the winery? We host a pickup event for each shipment that is sure to impress.

o f f e r s   f o r   t h e   o n l i n e  
s h o p p e r

BC Residents - Members recieve 15% off any bottles on top of a 6 bottle order and complimentary shipping.
Non-BC Residents - Members recieve 15% off their entire order and reduced rate shipping.

All members get exclusive access to limited time offers and select pre-releases.


J O I N   N O W

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