Frequently Asked Questions

F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S

How does the club work?

Think of it like a subscription service that sends you 6 bottles of wine in March, June and October.
For each of these months, you can expect an email 1 month prior to the shipping date with the following information:

  • wines selected for the shipment
  • link for customization
  • key dates including the cutoff day for customization, payment processing date, and expected shipping day
  • Save the Date for the Pickup Event

Be sure to add as a safe sender in your inbox so you never miss a notification!

What is the cost of the membership?

There are no membership fees!
You only pay for the wines in your shipment. You can expect the average annual cost (ie. 18 bottles of wine) to be approximatley $550, plus tax. If you modify the wines in your shipment, the cost will adjust according to the price of those wines.

I only drink red wines. Can I modify the wines in my shipments?

One of the best perks of the Platinum Club is that every shipment is fully customizable to your preference.

Can I pickup my wines instead of having them shipped?

Of course! In fact, we encourage it because we love seeing and hosting our members!
As an added bonus, you get 15% off your entire package when you select to pick it up in-store. To ensure your wines are not shipped, please select pickup as your default upon sign up or update your account.

I've signed up for the club. Now what?

Begin using your benefits!
Shop our online store to redeem your applicable membership discount, book a tasting or tour through our Platinum Club Concierge or RSVP for one of our members-only events.

How do you ship the wines?

We use ATS Healthcare as our courier service, which is temperature controlled. If you're not home at the time of delivery ATS will reach out to you to arrange an alternative day/time to reattempt delivery. If you will be away for an extended period of time, request a delayed delivery date for your shipment or include your preferred delivery date in the order notes for your shipment.

I love being a club member but want to skip a shipment or cancel.

The minimum comitmment for membership is 3 shipments.
Once you've taken your 3 shipments, the membership continues until you decide you'd like to cancel. To skip a shipment or cancel, please contact our Platinum Club Concierge.


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