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CedarCreek Estate Winery


H O W   I T   W O R K S


w e   s e l e c t   t h e   w i n e s

We sample and select 6 wines - a seasonal mix of red and whites.

You'll receive more reds in the March and October shipments and more aromatic whites for the June shipment.

w e   s e n d   y o u   a n   e m a i l

A month prior to the wines arrival, you can expect to recieve an email with the wine selection, key dates and a save the date for our pickup party.

Won't be home for this shipment? 
Let us know.
Want to pickup your wines instead of having them shipped?
Log in and select pickup.

y o u   c h o o s e  y o u r   w i n e s

Not a fan of the wines we've selected?
Once you recieve the shipment email, you have 7 days to modify the selection in your shipment.

Happy to try new wines?
Leave the selection as is and we'll send you the chosen 6.

w e   d e l i v e r   or   y o u   p i c k   u p

Select to have your wines shipped to your home or business address. We use Canada Post as our courier so if you're not home, it will be brought to your local post office for pickup.

Alternatively, select to visit us and pick up your shipment using your online account.

w e   h o s t   a   p a r t y !

Each shipment we'll host a party where we invite you to taste the wines in your shipment (plus a few others!).

We love seeing and connecting with our members and can't wait to host you!