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Chronicles of Pinot Gris bundle

Chronicles of Pinot Gris bundle
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Three years ago after a trip to Alsace, France, our winemaker, Taylor Whelan, started to play with our Pinot Gris styles a bit. This bundle brings forth an exploration of a grape that is often known for its subdued character. As writer Neal McLennan stated earlier this year, "I love that Whelan is swinging for the fences with a grape that most winemakers just want to bloop singles with." 

Block 7 is an Alsatian 'Grand Cru' style that is rich, earthy and dynamic. Simes Vineyard, harvested just down the street, is decidedly on the opposite side of the spectrum, with bright acidity and a refreshing finish. Estate Pinot Gris rounds it off with a wine that is perfect for a Tuesday night spicy ramen.

Chronicles of Pinot Gris Bundle
3 wines / $78.97

2019 Platinum Block 7 Pinot Gris 
2019 Platinum Simes Vineyard Pinot Gris
2019 Estate Pinot Gris

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